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I love the icon! Happy Valentine's Day
Thanks you to!! Thank you lol made it myself!! :-p
I'm a sucker for Billy (everyone else likes Benji and Joel) but I think Billy is the "perfect" guy to bring home to the parents (with the eye makeup and stuff, lol.
Aw! Yes! I found another one! lol I love Billy too! You should go check out my livejournal lol!! Eh Benji and Joel. For some reason I just want to tell at them in japanese! lmao
ok, I'll go check it out in a minute (if you want to you can check out mine)
wild. Ill def do that. How old are you? IM me lol innocentnevalast
I'm sixteen. do you have Yahoo! messenger?
Of course. ibringshame2myfam

did you see my lj, its beautious!! lmao
cool, mine's demonic_angel132007
I am jealous of you layout. I ♡ Billy
Hahah im sorry!! ME TO!
do you have the original pictures to your lay-out?
i <3 it
Yeah!! Their hot!

ahhh!!! *drools*. thank you so much
*wipes off computer with a towel* your welcome! lmao!
knoe this is so fucking late,,, but happy val's day!!!^^
I know this is late but thank you!! lol