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6 icons of Billy for you all.
If I don't find any credit, anywhere at all, you will be asked nicely the first time.
The second time I'll be a total bitch about it.

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heeheee so cool!! is the fifth one billy too? cause it doesnt really look like him... and i love #4! do you have the original pic for it?

It's a screencap from the I Just Wanna Live backstage part, on's video section and yeah you get what I mean.
no way!!! dude, that looks nothing like him!! cooool!!!
HAHAHA i love it!!! i love the cap at the very end of billy sleeping... and when he sneezed? it was actually ADORABLE!! way too obsessed.
Haha. Nah. Well ... if you are, I am. ROFL
Becuz when I saw that vid and saw him sneeze & sleeping, I was like "OMG! THAT'S SO CUTE!" & I actually yelled that. Haha.
You yelled too?!
Holy shit I'm not alone.
ROFL! Wheee! Good to know I'm not alone. lmao.
I thought I was just an obsessed freak. But now.. I know I'm not! *dances with you* haha
hahaha then we're BOTH crazy!!! obsession is healthy! :D

btw, whos that in your icon?
In this one? Me and Aaron Carter! :D
I'm a huge fan of his. I'm also obsessed with him. And I had been wanting to meet him for about 3 or 4 years and then on December 11th, it finally came true! :D
hahahaha... oooook. personally, i dont like him, but s'all good!
Haha. Yeah, a lotta people don't like him, but it's all good. So, whatever. :D lol
Haha, the Carter family... that is one dysfunctional rich family.
They had a thing on VH1 that was part of celebirty feuds, and they had the whole him and his mom on. They played "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" during it, haha. That song makes me so energetic.
ROFL! Yeah. They are quite disfunctional. O____O Wow.
Nick with his club fued thing.
Angel and BJ with a fight at a party
Aaron and Jane (his mommeh) with the money.
And I'm sure there's more! Hahah. But I gatta love 'em. rofl
i took 5 & 6. may i use 'em in my gj? i'll still credit & i've got the same username. =)
Sure, just put 'justxaxfreak at LJ'.
Awesome. Thanks so much! :D I'll deff do that! =)
hey love the pics.. taking All of em cuz they all rock!

hey duz any1 know where any good screencaps of bilyl from i just wanna live wen hes not in his suit or when hes sleeping in the backstage thing frum
also in i just wanna live.. duz any1 notice that wen joels "getting it on" the blonde looks REMARKABLY like Hillary Duff? hmmmmm...........
Not to be a total bitch or anything, but:

It's getting on my nerves.
taking 5 will credit,great icons ^_^
taking #3-6