Ali (ibringshame2) wrote in lil_billyicons,

I made some icons!! Tell me whatcha think, some aren't billy though. Sorry! lol

Hahah sorry for that, that commericial was on. :-p

1)Image hosted by

2)Image hosted by

3)Image hosted by

4)Image hosted by

5)Image hosted by Joshua!! lol

6)Image hosted by Tony! :\ I hope it's ok!! lol

7)Image hosted by

8)Image hosted by

9)Image hosted by

10)Image hosted by Yay Chris!

11)Image hosted by Paul!!

Alright, that's good!! I hope it's ok for me to post other than Billy icons. I just wanted to share! :) Thanks. Tell me whatcha think, credit if used.
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i like..the billy an benji ones i would use them..
:-D Awesome!! Credit please!
ya..i will but i cant remember how lol in my lj do i put credit then your user name then what i wanna write..
I think it goes like this <*lj user="ibringshame2"*>
I think then you just take the stars out.


Deleted comment

Haha thanks!! I love you for saying such!! lol

their hot aren't they! :-p